Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Question of the Day #1,039

I love Facebook. It's entertaining. It keeps me clued into what friends are doing. Facebook provides a fabulous tool with which to disseminate information, ideas and news.

But you know what kills it? The whiny people. The people who post about how tired they are or how terrible life is. The people who criticize our country or different cultures. The people who make fun of people.

Sure, I "hide" them. But the whole idea of this incredibly powerful tool being used to spread negative stuff is totally aggravating.

As a result, I'm complaining about it. Right now. In my own forum. Because energy is contagious. Whether it's positive or negative.

I'm tempted to delete this. Because if you know this blog, you know it's a not place for rants. But for discovery's sake, I think there is a valid question here.

What energy is rubbing off on you?



  1. My daughter's happy little kid vibe is just what I need at the end of my work day and it's always contagious.

  2. Midnight to six man
    For the first time from Jamaica
    Dillinger and Leroy Smart
    Delroy Wilson, your cool operator

    Ken Boothe for UK pop reggae
    With backing bands sound systems
    And if they've got anything to say
    There's many black ears here to listen

    But it was Four Tops all night with encores from stage right
    Charging from the bass knives to the treble
    But onstage they ain't got no roots rock rebel
    Onstage they ain't got no...roots rock rebel

    Dress back jump back this is a bluebeat attack
    'Cos it won't get you anywhere
    Fooling with your guns
    The British Army is waiting out there
    An' it weighs fifteen hundred tons

    White youth, black youth
    Better find another solution
    Why not phone up Robin Hood
    And ask him for some wealth distribution

    Punk rockers in the UK
    They won't notice anyway
    They're all too busy fighting
    For a good place under the lighting

    The new groups are not concerned
    With what there is to be learned
    They got Burton suits, ha you think it's funny
    Turning rebellion into money

    All over people changing their votes
    Along with their overcoats
    If Adolf Hitler flew in today
    They'd send a limousine anyway

    I'm the all night drug-prowling wolf
    Who looks so sick in the sun
    I'm the white man in the Palais
    Just lookin' for fun

    I'm only
    Looking for fun

  3. I agree with you. And it's always the same people who do complain and whine. I think they are attention whores. :) But luckily there's enough interesting, fun people on fb to make it worthwhile!

  4. My 23 yr old daughter has moved home while she finishes a 2nd major and does student teaching. I would be a hermit, but she talks me into going shopping, to the pool, to the park for a walk, out for lunch.

    (I'm going to look for you on facebook)

  5. You have to block out the noise and negative energy is whatever your doing....I spend less time on fb and more time with my kids..

  6. Peaceful energy--my kids left for their first day of school!!!

  7. Any negative, whiney, etc. people on my Facebook are deleted!! No point in having them around :P aha! I do like Facebook for communication though :)

    I'm not sure what energy is rubbing off on me. Can my own rub off on me? lol. I'm super positive though, because I got a job!!! :) I know my positive energy has rubbed off on a few people already!


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