Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Question of the Day #1,009

After an hour and a half car ride to the airport, a two hour delay plus a one hour flight, topped with a three hour delay and a three hour flight, I finally entered my hotel suite somewhere around 1:15 AM.

Then I put the two diet cokes I had purchased for the morning in the freezer.

What kooky mistake have you made when you were too tired to think?



  1. When don't I make kooky mistakes? I often put my Diet Coke in the freezer...but more often I put things that should be in the freezer in the microwave or the fridge. Oy.
    PS - Still loving Eric. Just the way he is :-P

  2. Hah that's too funny! A few days ago, I was feeling really tired and spacey. I went to the same grocery store I go to all the time, purchased a couple items. On my way out, the door did not automatically opened so I tried to push it and then I realized I was going "out" of the "in" door. There was a guy standing near me who was jut looking awkward and I was just like "ahhh I don't know" and went out the other door. I felt like a fool, aha. Especially since I *always* leave out of those doors!

  3. I can't think of one off hand. But one time my sister put the butter in the sink and the dirty dishes in the refrigerator. Imagine our surprise in the morning!

  4. Woke up looking for my keys once & realized I left them in the lock of the door...it was awesome!

  5. I've lost my mind on more than one occasion.

  6. I've tried to put my shredded wheat box in the refridge a few times. If it didn't fit it, wouldn't have stopped me.

  7. My brain completely shuts down and I forget important things. I once totally messed up the date for a friend's wedding. We were in the car on our way when my husband pointed out my error based on what he saw on the invitation. We had even booked a sitter -- VERY embarrassing.

    I also once totally forgot about a theatre date with one of my best friends. I was doing a very nice impression of a couch potato at home, when I get a call from my worried friend wondering why I hadn't arrived at her place to pick her up.

  8. Probably too many to list, more or less even try to remember. I did make myself laugh the other day when I was going to pour one of those little drink mix packets into my water bottle. I had it sitting in front of a fan that was turned on and I actually started to pour it before I caught myself. It would have gone everywhere. Duh.


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