Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Question of the Day #1,023

For years, when it needs service, I've been taking my car to the dealership where I bought it.

It is NOT convenient to take it there. I live 40 minutes away without traffic. Which usually means I have to wait around while the work is being done. But while I wait around, I can sip free Diet Coke, enjoy a banana, write a Question of the Day and feel confident that Tony, the guy who has been managing my car's service since I drove it off the lot, is going to take care of everything.

When a taillight goes out, I bring the car in and Tony has it repaired within minutes. When I worry about a weird sound coming from the soft top, Tony explains why it might be happening. When I ask not so bright questions, he doesn't laugh at me. He answers me with a smile.

I drive all the way to the other side of LA because this dealership offers extraordinary customer service.

What business provides service so extraordinary that you will overlook inconveniences?



  1. We have this wonderful general merchandise store here that has every thing from hunting and camping needs to silk scarves and towels. It's crowded and cluttered and has anything you might possibly need/want.

    The saying goes, "If Gibson's doesn't have it, nobody does." And that's more true than not. The people there know what they have and take you to the place where it is (unlike being told at a box-store, "It's on aisle 14."

    The inconvenience, if it is one, is that things cost a bit more. That said, the store has survived all those BIG stores coming into the area and their parking lot is NEVER empty except when they are closed.

  2. I am notorious for this. I can't stand bad customer service and will go out of my way for a good experience. I too drive far (45 min - 1 hr) for my car dealership. It's worth it. I drive further and spend more money at my favorite garden store over any other because I think they have the most knowlegable and nicest staff. Even for my Home Depot I don't go the closest one - I drive futher to a different Home Depot because they are more organized and nicer people. Customer service is everything.

  3. Apple & Southwest seem to be on the ball with customer service...outside of that, I am at a loss...it sure isn't the DMV.

  4. I wish I had a car guy that I trusted like that. And gave me bananas.
    Why can't I think of a similar experience???

  5. There's this amazing pizzeria here called Famouso. The Italian in me LOVES the thin-crust, forno pizza. The female in me loves the flirty owner (who is a sexy Italian). And my stepdaughter and husband love the royal treatment from the staff. They are an hour out of our way, but I'll go there before ANYWHERE for pizza.

  6. Sad that none come to mind. Maybe if I think for a while.....

  7. I try and schedule my haircuts for whenever I visit my parents. Luckily I only get my hair cut two or three times a year. Unfortunately, the past TWO TIMES I got my hair cut, I could not make it to my parents. They live two hours away. Well, I have to bus for four hours and then they have to come pick me up and drive me for the other hour. Needless to say, doesn't happen much! I wish I could drive - I would totally drive to her place!


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