Saturday, August 20, 2011

Question of the Day #1,027

I just read a poll that said 40% of Americans believe animals have a sixth sense. Some say cats can predict storms and dogs know when earthquakes are coming. Both are reported to have the ability to sense spirits.

What do you think? Have you ever witnessed an animal's sixth sense in action?



  1. Haven't really seen "esp" but I definately believe they can sense changes in energy and atmosphere.

    In another sense, I had a cat that would refuse to leave my bed if I was sick. He didn't usually sleep with me, but once stayed beside me for 3 days when I had pneumonia.

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  3. Hmmm. There are lots of stories of animals making noise before earthquakes or of not leaving the side of dying people, as if they know what's happening.
    Also, I once got upset with a mother dog, asking where her puppies were (I couldn't find them). She looked at me solemnly, walked away, and came back minutes later with a bunch of muddy puppies who'd been playing in the creek. She brought them right to me, sat down and looked at me. It felt like she knew exactly what I wanted.

  4. Definitely. I totally believe in it.

  5. Many times w dogs, seems a natural / common thing w them...People have it too, although not nearly as acute / common as animals.

  6. I thought that they knew about storms and stuff. Sometimes for people ... they can sense it too. I dunno, I certainly can't! :P

  7. No, my dog gets excited when it rains but that is after the fact.

  8. I think we could all be served well by tapping into our more subtle senses. They are there. Sometimes the most effective communication is wordless.


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