Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Question of the Day #1,017

The last plane I flew on was electric green bearing the 30%-40% less emissions logo above.

I was surprised and pleased to see that airlines are making efforts to go "greener."

What new "green" have you seen?



  1. My town used to only recycle plastics #1, #2, glass, and paper. As of July 1st, they collect plastics 1-7, all cardboard, glass, and paper. Yay for recycling!

    The town next door to me banned all plastic bags. Every store has to have paper. Love it.

  2. Don't know.
    I live in the GREEN MOUNTAINS ;)
    Luckily this state is progressive in this way and has been before it was fashionable.
    Recycle, reuse just about everything! Reminded me of how my parents washed and saved alumium foil, Christmas wrappings etc. That was out of frugality not awareness of our planet's resources. But a good idea for us now!

    We all need to be more inventive with our throw away "stuff".

  3. While green is a colour I love, I dislike seeing products being greenwashed because it becomes harder to differentiate the organisations who really care vs those who are trying to hoodwink.

    You could say black is the new green locally as many farms and residences are setting up solar panels. Apparently we get more sunlight hours than other parts of the province, and the panels like our cold winters, so our region is good for generating solar energy. It's very impressive how many people are getting into it.

  4. Worms eat garbage from my office buildings lobby food kiosk and produce fertile dirt used in the plaza planters.

  5. Oh! I am writing a contract book for the canola industry about a race car and carnival rides that run on 100% canola biodiesel fuel. It's quite awesome, actually.


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