Friday, August 5, 2011

Question of the Day #1,012

Every year, my father has a wine tasting BBQ in Sonoma. Every year, he asks me to make sausage and peppers. This year 120 guests are attending.

I've been crying, runny nosed, chopping onions for 30 minutes. Three giant baking pans of onions and peppers later, I'm ready to start on the sausages.

Anything for a good party, right?

What dish do people most often request you make?



  1. Waffles or blueberry pancakes

    Jim Danielson

  2. Hope it's a catering gig!

    My signature dish is an adaptation of my mother's arroz con pollo. I kind of spice it up and add garlic shrimp. Takes forever to make but everyone loves it.

    Just came from a pig roast! Now that was fun.
    AND I didn't have to cook it. Just eat it ;)

  3. Stuffed Quahogs (large hardshelled clams, the stuffing has Portuguese sausage in it)

  4. From my husband, usually my pork roast with sweet and salty onions. From my kid, KD.

  5. I am not the cook, my wife is....

  6. Lasagna or usually some sort of Mexican food. I haven't been cooking much lately -- everyone just kind of fends for themselves.


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