Sunday, August 7, 2011

Question of the Day #1,014

A yellow jacket bit my foot while I was at my father's house. It burned at first and slowly spread into a quarter size red itch blotch. Annoying as it is, I realized that the bite was one of the only ones I've experienced this Summer.

(Have I mentioned that one of the reasons I love LA so much is because it pretty darn near mosquito free?)

So, instead of complaining about the itchiness, I'm going to rejoice in the fact that I'm enjoying a bite-free Summer.

What is (or isn't) biting you?



  1. Mosquitoes and chiggers are usually VERY attracted to me, but this summer, because it has been so hot and dry here in Texas it's m & c free. Despite the heat it's rather nice taking our dog for a walk in the woods and not coming back with at least one chigger bite. GAK! I hate those things.

  2. The heat is biting me. It's making me cranky and irritable. I hate being cranky and irritable!

  3. I live in NJ. It's hot & humid. Everything is biting me. Mosquitoes, big green flies when the wind is coming in from the bay side, and many other unidentifiable bugs. This is fine though because it's part of our summer.

  4. Way too many mosquitoes ... when I go camping anyway. I went to the beach a couple weekends ago and the ants attacked me!!! It was brutal!


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