Thursday, June 30, 2011

Question of the Day #976

My neighbor's windows are covered with architectural plans. At night, only tiny edges of light glow from inside.

Sometimes I wonder if there are bodies in there.

At Mansfield, Creepy Bob lived next door. He used to invite the girls over for free headshots, claiming he was a photographer.

We later learned he was a registered sex offender.

Then there was Syd, across the street. Her windows were covered with aluminum foil. We'd sit on the porch and watch while men driving fancy cars parked and entered her house. One would stay about an hour then leave. Ten minutes later, another guy would pull up.

Have you ever had any shady neighbors?



  1. We had neighbors that were supposedly "swingers". There were certain areas of the house where the kids were not allowed.

  2. Got them at this very moment. Serious uglies. They rented a lovely house down the street for big big bucks. Their two ginormous pit bulls have trashed the yard. Dog shit all over the place. Windows blacked out. Doesn't pass the smell test in more ways than one.

  3. Definite dead bodies across the street.

  4. What about when you moved into Hollywood at first. The guys had big dogs behind the gates and people strung out asking for more at midnight...


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