Monday, June 6, 2011

Question of the Day #952

The family I cook for plays "Peaks and Pits" and dinner. Each family member shares the best part and the worst part of their day.

The peak of my weekend was that I got to see some of my all time favorite roommates and friends. I enjoyed delicious dinner and porch talk with J and C on Friday night. Then a reality show launch party with Mansfielders on Saturday night followed by a rollicking night of karaoke and mischief.

The pit is that as a result of that good time I am seriously tired today.

What about you? What are your weekend's peaks and pits?



  1. That's cute! We do something similar, but just the highlight of th day!
    Peaks: superfun concert with my mom and sis and the singer of one of my fave bands gave me a hug! Plus just good family time with hubby and kids (he's gone during the week)
    Pits: I'm still super tired too!!

  2. Peak = the shore
    Pits = leaving the shore

  3. Peak = Great time camping this weekend.
    Pits = Fighting off a cold.

    (Trying to post this as Anonymous to see if it goes up -- urgh!)

  4. Hey! It worked! For some reason yours is one of the blogs I couldn't post on, Suzanne.


  5. Peak: spending some quality time and really bonding with my boyfriend AND going out partying with him
    Pits: going to this weird all ages party that a couple of my friends put on (great people, we could only handle it for a couple hours, too many 12 and 13 year olds, it was weird! :P)


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