Thursday, June 16, 2011

Question of the Day #962

Kristen, Question of the Day Regular, emailed me, "I think you should follow yesterday's question by asking what habit people are glad they have."

What an excellent suggestion!

I'm glad I go for walks. A daily walk gives me time to plan, plot, pray, focus on what I'm grateful for and figure out where I'm going.

Definitely my best habit.

What habit are you thankful for?



  1. Habits I am glad I have are exercising every day, cooking almost every day, and moisturizing every single day. All these things keep me feeling good and hopefully looking good. :-)

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  3. Oops! I answered the wrong question. Lack of sleep is playing with my mind today.

    I'm thankful I'm a hard worker. : )

  4. I'm thankful for the habit of being mindful. My success with it comes and goes, of course, but that's part of the package! Hmm, like Kristen: exercising, eating well (most the time), and putting on sunscreen.

  5. Agreed ... definitely exercise for me too! I schedule it in!

  6. I'm thankful for the habit of thanking people. Family included! It's so easy to take our family for granted and not express appreciation.

  7. Being able to exercise everyday. Or should I say being motivated enough to exercise everyday.



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