Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Question of the Day #960

I had trouble sleeping last night, and not so smartly, turned to the television. While scanning the channels, I came across a show called Freaky Eaters.

The episode featured a guy who was addicted to eating raw meat. His worried brother arranged for him to meet a therapist and doctor.

Now, I love a good carpacccio or steak tartar every once in awhile, but once he started devouring chunks of the Manager's Special from the supermarket, I had to turn the channel.

A while later, I skipped past TLC again to catch a kid who was addicted to eating glass. As he bit into champagne glasses and chewed, I got a little disgusted.

Not so much at the kid with the issue, but at TLC for exploiting these people and turning their deep emotional death wishes into a freak show.

What freak show goes too far for you?



  1. I don't watch much tv (though there are a few shows I wouldn't mind watching if I had the time). It's shameful that some people consider those shows to be entertainment. But then, a lot of people feel that way about TWILIGHT. :D

  2. MTV shows 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom. Are they freaking kidding me? I realize there are teen moms in the world and this is reality, but the way MTV exploits these kids on TV just royally pisses me off. It's just not the right thing to do.

  3. Ice Road Truckers. Kidding! I'm just kind of fed up with the glut of "reality" programming out there. I guess the worst for me (and this is pretty silly considering what else in on TV these days) is these new extreme game shows where people look like they could get seriously hurt.

  4. What Would You Do? bugs me because of how it toys with people's emotions. It's Candid Camera disguised as a social experiment.

  5. I agree about the game show thing. Wipeout makes me wince every time. Looks like people could break their necks really easily.

    I watch too much reality TV on DIY and HGTV. Makes me want to rip my kitchen down to the studs. An act my wife would love and abhor at the same time.

  6. All shows -- but I'm not a TV watcher, so that explains that. The few times I've watched recently, I've seen previews for Toddlers & Tiaras and Bridezilla (is that it?) and both of those look horrible.



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