Thursday, June 23, 2011

Question of the Day #969

Nashville is full of live music. I got off the plane and heard a guy singing and playing guitar in the airport bar. Yesterday afternoon, downtown, a band or a singer with a guitar played in every bar or restaurant I popped my head into. In the middle of the day on a Wednesday.

It's awesome! Like the whole city is pumping music.

What was special about the last city you visited?



  1. Have a great trip, Suzanne!
    Hmmmm. The last city I visited out of town was Paradise Island (not sure the city name), and that was special because it had palm trees and a sparkling blue Caribbean Sea!
    Kelly Polark

  2. I don't get a chance to "visit" other cities much. But I moved to Toronto last month and I'm still exploring it! There are always tons of things happening here and I love it! Always music going. I sometimes see random parades down the street. Fun!

  3. Istanbul! Ancient and new all at the same time. Flowers everywhere, smiling faces, great food!
    Grand Bazaar was like nothing I've ever seen.
    And most unique especially to our part of the world was the "call to prayer", 5 times a day, filling the city air. Interestingly the people went on with what they were doing.
    Great city. Would go back.

  4. E - I totally agree that Istanbul is amazing! If you asked what my favorite all-around city is to visit I'd pick Istanbul. It's incredible from food, to culture, to nightlife, etc.

    Still though the greatest city in the world, and last I "visited," is New York. 4 am and the city is bustling just as crazy as at 12 noon. It never stops. I grew up in the city and am there often - it never gets old, the feeling never wears off, and the city just simply never sleeps. That city has made me who I am today and I'll forever be in love with it. The food rules in NYC too. ;-)

  5. The last "city" I was in was Orlando, but only in the airport so that really doesn't count. Downtown Disney was pretty cool, if you want to put it in that group.


  6. You're in Nashville? Have fun, Suzanne!!!

    The last city I visited was L.A., to spend time at my in-laws' house. One of the best things about L.A. (apart from all my awesome friends and family who live there) is definitely my mother-in-law's cooking!

  7. South Beach Miami has the amazing W Hotel and the BEST burger I have ever had at the Burger And Beer Joint.


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