Sunday, June 5, 2011

Question of the Day #951

Someone recently described our current work culture as "The Gig Economy." I hadn't heard the term before but it made a lot of sense to me.

The majority of my career has been based on contract jobs. I used to write for teen magazines, like Seventeen and All About You and at the time, selling a big story would pay for three or four months of life's expenses. Now, I may spend six months developing a training curriculum for one company and then move on to write and facilitate for another company.

I am very much a part of "The Gig Economy." I'll never get a pension, benefits or life insurance through the companies I work for. In return, I don't have to battle in LA freeway warfare and I get to work in my jammies.

What kind of work do you do? Do you bounce from gig to gig like me?



  1. Well, I've had many "gigs" in my day, but most of them are traditional jobs with specific locations and benefits. I've been fortunate to get to do a lot of different things, and part of my curious nature means I don't settle for one job over a lifespan. But, I know that I would like to have a cause/gift/passion/service that I could develop and grow over the years and have that be my over-arching profession and life purpose. I'm working on that!

  2. Have worked for the engineering department of the same high-rise office building for almost 39 years. My duties have changed over the years. The company I work for has changed twice. But, so far, I'm still there.

  3. I've been at the same company since college, almost 13 years now and it's been a great ride. I had thought I'd be the Corporate America type forever and I'd retire from this company, but lately due to all the tradeoffs in this scenario, I am thinking the gig thing might be more up my alley. We'll see!

  4. I didn't go to college, but had a variety of jobs from full-charge bookkeeper to working as a vet assistant. Now I homeschool my kids and that's pretty much a FT gig of its own.



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