Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Question of the Day #967

My coworker, T, and I are going to facilitate a customer service training today. She usually starts the presentation, then I join in and we sort of ping pong off each other. We try to keep the participants laughing and it's not that hard because T is really sharp and funny.

We got thrown together, but it turns out, we're an awesome team. Working with her makes work fun.

Who do you enjoy working with?



  1. I'm lucky to have many coworkers to laugh with, at both of my jobs. It's what keeps us sane. Steven, Capri, Janet, Lee, and Janette. They keep me happy.

  2. Actually my boss. She is amazing, supportive, fun, and will be tough on my behalf when needed. She ROCKS. How many people love their bosses?? I'm one lucky duck.

  3. Like YOU'RE not sharp and funny? The two of you must be an amazing team.

  4. That's why I write. I prefer to work alone. Revisions involve other people, but the actual day to day work I like to do by myself. I've found when you team up with someone, rarely do you work the same way and one usually ends up doing all the work.

  5. I loved working with my coworkers at the information desk at my college. They were all so easygoing and cheerful and just genuinely nice. I loved seeing them and talking to them! The best job I've ever had, for sure. I also loved my boss. :)


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