Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Question of the Day #974

B's Facebook status update reads: "What tragedy to come home from vacation and find your refrigerator door open."

I've been surprised a couple times after a trip. There was the time M & A had been assigned to water all the flowers by the pool and I came home to shriveled, droopy plants. And there was the time I came home and S had taken over my room. Moved in. Totally.

I gave her about 43 seconds to get out.

And I do recall, after a cross country drive, coming home to a fabulous surprise welcome home party.

What surprise have you gotten when you arrived home from vacation?



  1. Man, who are those M&A characters? They are suspect in my book! (Don't ask Iris about her lawn...I think I give her the same surprise you got every time she comes home). What can I say, I go "green" by not watering things and letting green things turn brown. Sorry, Suz!

    Hmm, I got a "dear john" letter under the door from a bf once when I got home from Spring Break. It was actually a big sigh of relief and it couldn't have worked out better.

  2. No surprises when I got home, the only one was when I got surprised by a combo birthday party in the hood in venice.

  3. One time I arrived home from a work trip to a horrible smell in the apartment building, only to find it was MY apartment, and MY refrigerator! How embarrassing! The fridge had died probably the day I left, and everything had gone horribly bad. Gross. Embarrassing.

  4. Two of our three cats once shut themselves into the downstairs bathroom. Luckily, we had only been gone one night.

  5. I came home and the cat had gotten into my bedroom (which was closed). I closed it because my hamster is in there. And the cat really likes the hamster! Luckily, the hamster was okay! :)


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