Sunday, April 25, 2010

Question of the Day #536

One of the coolest parts about blogging is getting to know people from around the world. There's Keats the Sunshine Girl in Malaysia. Jim Danielson and Kelly Polark are writers from the midwest United States. And Grammilou does some serious gardening in Alberta, Canada.

And we're all blogging buddies - regardless of the miles between us.

Where do you live?



  1. I agree. I love how blogging brings everyone together no matter where we live!
    I live in the midwest like you said! :) I live in Illinois close enough to Chicago and Milwaukee to visit (and attend concerts), but far enough away to enjoy woodlands, lakes, and corn fields!

  2. I didn't get a chance to answer one of your previous questions about the good things about technology...definitely meeting and keeping in touch with those from all over the world is a strength.

    I'm in Ottawa, Canada - our nation's lovely capital. With great green spaces, architecture, and museums, it's the city with a small town feel. :)

  3. Vermont, heart of the Green Mountains. What a wonderful world we live in and with wonderful people too!

  4. Suzanne, what a great surprise! Thanks for thinking of me! I come from sunny, multiethnic Malaysia, tagged ' Malaysia truly Asia' by our tourism board :) Just in case bloggers wonder how the name'keats' came by. It's from my Chinese name 'Keat Eng'. Add 's' to keat and you get .....!! Forget about the Eng. LOL!

  5. Coming at ya from Southwest Connecticut!

  6. From the JerZ!!

    I thought all you guys were from Cali! Love that we're from all over the place! :-)

  7. Agreed, Suzanne!

    I'm in San Diego, CA. : )

  8. South suburbian Chicago. I commute downtown by train and theoretically read or write during the commute (or take a power nap).


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