Friday, April 16, 2010

Question of the Day #527

On Facebook, Simply V. posted the following status update: misses the days when gum was just something to chew on, not change your life.

So how about a fill in the blank?

I'll start. Suzanne misses the days when gas was $1.50 a gallon.

How would you finish this sentence? __________ misses the days when _________________ .



  1. Pat/Tricia misses the days when clouds were for daydreaming.

  2. I stick with gum? (bah!) ;)

    Simply V. also misses the days when people weren't 'connected' to tech devices at every living, breathing moment of their lives.

  3. I like Simply V's tech one so mine is similar.
    Kelly misses the days when people talked face to face instead of through messaging, when kids played basketball outside instead of on the Wii.

    (Though I love my computer and emails and messaging and even the Wii...and my kids both play outside and inside. But simpler times were nice)

  4. Evelyn misses the days when people were more polite and socially graceful.

  5. Ooooh...great answers!

    Lisa D misses the days when she could sleep until 10am.

  6. Wait. Can I have another one?

    Lisa D misses the days when kids could run around outside without worry.

  7. Yvonne misses the day when gay meant carefree and holding hands meant....something.

  8. Rena misses the days when television wasn't so crude, rude, or obnoxious.

  9. Beck misses the days of living near the beach.

    I always seem to have the same answers as Lisa D...I also miss sleeping until 10.

  10. I miss the day when it was more en vogue to promote the United States then bash it.


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