Friday, April 2, 2010

Question of the Day #513

Yesterday, my sister in law and I weeded a flowerbed. (Getting my hands in the dirt always makes me feel better.) Daffodils have popped up around the neighborhood and forsythia blazes yellow in every other yard, but other than that, it's kind of bloomless.

We contemplated what we'd plant today.

"The deer don't eat zinnias," she said.

The deer? Right. The deer. I don't have to worry about deer when gardening in LA. Although I did have some munchy critter snatch cucumbers and jalapenos off the vine in my last garden. But what's a few veggies? These people have to deal with bloom-eating vultures!

Okay, not vultures. Deer. Whatevs. Same thing.

What animals do you have to consider when landscaping/gardening around your home?



  1. Deer...lots of deer. Sadly, no tulips for me.

  2. Groundhogs ate most of our garden last year.

  3. Deer and bears, mostly. We have quite a bit of critters here, but they're the ones we worry most when it comes to planting stuff.


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