Thursday, April 8, 2010

Question of the Day #519

This morning I dreamed that Andy Garcia and I were in love. I felt that safe, yet excited awesome lovey feeling. We had been in love a long time.

It was about to get cold wherever we were, so we poured water over the pipes (huh?) and the goat in the room eagerly lapped it up. Some of my clothes got wet, but thankfully, Andy saved my giant granny panties before they got soaked.

Weird stuff, right?

Blogger buddy, Rena Jones, has been dreaming about grizzly bears. And I'm clearly dreaming nutty stuff. What have you been dreaming about lately?



  1. I usually have goofy dreams. I wish some handsome celebrities would visit in my dreams. I dream a lot about not being able to find something to wear before class. And not remembering where my locker is in high school. Strange.
    I can't remember any recent dreams!

  2. I love your dream! Suzanne + Andy ;)

    I dream a lot about houses. I dream about being in what feels like my house, or my parents' house, but it looks nothing like my home in real life. Usually I've just moved in and the homes are big with lots of rooms and windows. I'm exploring, or just enjoying the space. Luckily, most of the time, they aren't scary dreams. In fact, sometimes I wake up disappointed that it really isn't my house.

  3. All I know is that I love Andy Garcia and that I would like to have a flying dream tonight... they always make me feel better.

  4. A few nights ago Pierre Trudeau kissed me in a dream! Not that I ever was so interested in him.

    Like hk I very often dream about houses, big old houses that have room after room. Lots of fun deciding where to put your furniture. Good dreams. I'd like to visit those houses in real life; maybe renovate or restore one!

  5. All the people and places from my life come together, and I have to figure out who should be in my life and where I want to be. It's a struggle and I keep thinking "no, I don't want to be here doing this again."

  6. I have had many big rambling house dreams too!
    I always love them, but favorite dream is when I fly. I used to fly a lot but now not so much.I wonder what this all means?

  7. LOL @ granny pants and the goat! Okay, now that is funny!

    I have those scary bear dreams a lot. The other night I dreamed about Powderfinger, an Aussie band. That same night I heard they were disbanding and I guess it bummed me out so much that it followed me into my dreams. Better than bears, I suppose.


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