Thursday, April 15, 2010

Question of the Day #526

So last night, H, Little J and I talked about how in high school, people are put into social categories. For example, The Breakfast Club illustrated those stereotypes eloquently by personifying The Brain, The Athlete, The Basketcase, The Princess and The Criminal.

We discussed how years later, some people hold on to those stereotypes, trying to break out and prove that they're not the dork they were in high school. Or they might dispel The Princess mojo by rockin' independence as an adult.

In high school, I tightroped a lot of those lines and blurred out somewhere between a Basketcase and a Princess. Sometimes I can still relate to the Basketcase in me, but that princess is looong gone.

How about you? Did you fit into a certain category as a kid? And how does that or doesn't that relate to your adult life?



  1. I thought there would be a tax question in there somewhere....I was the jock basketball, baseball, but in my adult life that has turned around 180. It doesn't really relate although my kids love sports....

  2. I guess I was seen as a Princess but was most definitely a Basketcase on the inside. Sadly, people (especially in high school) see what they want to see. The Basketcase is slowing leaving and the Princess? Well, she was never there to begin with.

  3. I related to all those social categories. My tight little group (7 inseperable girls - all very different) was friends with a preppy party one night and hanging on the beach with the 'burn-outs' the next. I'm grateful to have carried that part of highschool with me through the years. I've always been friends with lots of different 'types' of people.

  4. In high school: math club president, nerd. (I ran unopposed and got all but 2 votes)

    Now: SCBWI Network co-rep (a major step up)

  5. I didn't fit into any of the groups either. Wasn't smart enough, rich enough, sporty enough, etc. I hung out with the same group of people all through high school. It was just the 4 of us. I guess if I had to pick one from the movie, it would be Basketcase. I don't think anyone really understood me. They probably still wouldn't ...

  6. I didn't fit into one category. I guess I was part tomboy, part jock, part brainer, part artist, part average. Me and my friends were a mixed group: The Land of Misfit Toys.

    The things that interested me back then, still stick. Bugs are cool, I like playing sports, I like to learn, creativity is a large part of my soul, and I don't like being extreme at anything. And, my friends are still as diverse as ever, and I love it! :D

  7. I was in every club/sport imaginable it seems so I was part jock/part princess/part go getter with a splash of geek.

  8. Um. Math whiz, but not quite geek - I wasn't in the Math club. I was in the Creative Writing club, of course. And I was a damn Yankee listening to my classmates tell me "the South will rise again". Yeah. And do what exactly?

    They really didn't know what to make of me. So not sure what label I was plastered with. Since I got into several fights, I'd have to say troublemaker of some sort.

  9. Brain/nerd. Didn't understand my creativity or my voice until much later. A late bloomer. Still trying to keep the bloom though :)


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