Thursday, April 22, 2010

Question of the Day #533

I am starting to think I am a very shallow person.

In light of Earth Day, I decided to search my blog for the following words:

Green (Sure it appeared, but all about the color)
Earth (Um, "Earth Girls Are Easy" came up)
Energy (Oh, it popped up, but more like crazy good energy and prayerlike energy)
Energy Star

And none of them came up. Have I really asked 500 questions and not pondered ways to be kind to our Earth?

Shame on me. (Plus I really feel like I have. Because I remember you bloggers leaving great ideas in the comments. But whatevs. Maybe I'm going senile.)

Anyhoo, it's Earth Day. So...what are some great ways in which you go "green"?



  1. Weather you care about Earth Day or not, I cannot, for the life of me, ever imagine anyone calling Sue Casamento "shallow."

  2. Thank you Tony!

    BTW, I found a post on conservation after I typed in the word "unplug." I knew we'd discussed this before! I'm so relieved. : )

  3. Perfect question for today.
    We do try to be green for environmental and economical reasons.
    We use cloth napkins at dinner, recycle SO much, turn the thermostat down, buy energy efficient appliances, and turn off lights when not in use (but this is hard with three kids...).

  4. I was really impressed with my daughter's school. They discussed the environment all week. All the kids brought "green" lunches everyday (no plastic bottles, paper napkins, plastic bags etc...), each student made a poster about saving the earth which were hung around the school and they made instruments and art projects out of recycled items. My daughter and her friends were so inspired they took it upon themselves to pick up any trash on the playground! Love it!

  5. I like to walk, hike. So I'm going to take bags to pick up trash and dispose of it. I won't do it every walk because part of the reason to go is to enjoy nature not scour the ground for garbage. But I want to be prepared to pick up the egregious and to sometimes give the trails a good scour.
    I've picked up some tips today on other blogs. Here's one I like: When you shred documents or manuscripts use it in packing boxes you send. No more of those plastic peanut things.

  6. Not to sound really wierd but... I grew up with reusing Christmas wrapping paper, aluminum foil, fabrics, growing your own vegies, never throwing anything out because you may need it later, etc, etc. and somewhere my generation threw some of these concepts away. Perhaps as in so many aspics of life the pendulum swung the other way. W and I have for about 20 years recycled, tried to reuse and figure out what is what in this continuing debate for some. A passion of mine is antiques. Talk about recycling. I would love to put some of these pieces, though not really very old, on some kind of futuristic listening devise that can go back in time and know what happened around it. Happy Earth Day! May she live forever.

  7. Too funny! We recycle like crazy, use organic lawn/garden stuff, shop with reusable bags (when we remember to bring them! :-)), and try to use non-toxic cleaning supplies!

  8. Going green for me is a continuous improvement project. The education process can be a downer, but I keep at it. Pollution isn't just in the air (smog) or on the ground (land fill sites) it's also about our homes and the products in them.

    I have switched over to natural beauty products, am removing plastics and non-stick surfaces from our kitchen, I try my best to buy products without flame-retardants, and avoid artificial fragrances/perfumes. I also consume less, recycle, compost, plant trees and plants that encourage wildlife, have improved the energy star rating of my home, conserve water, avoid any chemicals in the yard, use grocery totes instead of platic bags, use CFLs, buy organics, eat seasonal foods and support local sustainable farms. I've also started to align with political parties that take the environment seriously.

    It's a good start, but there is so much more I could be doing.

  9. If it makes you feel any better, they wouldn't show up on my blog either. Maybe green would, but that's about it.

  10. This Earth Day, I'm participating in Tiger Blogfest 2010 initiated by MonyetKing. Over 100 bloggers are shouting for our Malayan Tiger - say no to poaching, forest degradation etc,etc.

  11. I save all sorts of junk and use it for school projects. You never know what you can make out of a detergent lid until you try!


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