Saturday, April 17, 2010

Question of the Day #528

Yesterday, some of you commented about technology and the not so great parts about it, like texting instead of talking or being addicted to electronic communication. And I agree, those are lousy aspects of how technology has changed our lives.

But what are some ways in which technology has made your life better?

My favorite is picking someone up at the airport. I have no idea how I ever found my arrivals without a cell phone.

What about you? How has technology improved your life?



  1. Information at your finger tips! Facts! recipes! opinions! weather! medical info, etc etc.

  2. Hooray for Google! For one reason or another I seem to Google something new every day. Whether it's personal or for business I love that I'm learning something really random every day. I also love that I can use an on-line language translatior to communicate on FB with a long-lost friend from Brazil.

  3. I have a son who is blind who was able to use his computer for his schoolwork...he graduated at the top of his class and just finished his Ph.D. at Cambridge University in England on a full scholarship. He has his eye on the new General Motors car that "drives itself" with advanced GPS and lasers.
    I also have a daughter who is deaf. She uses the texting on her cell phone to order in a restaurant. She types in what she wants and shows it to the waitress! Real cool!
    Lindsey Petersen

  4. Gps, cell phone - seems like everything. Now with a Blackberry. But please, don't be addicted! My husband is always dong something on the I-phone!!

  5. Online news! I'm not a TV watcher, so I love being able to get the news online.


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