Friday, May 27, 2011

Question of the Day #942

In light of the impending long weekend, how about some Friday fantasy fun?

Imagine you are at work and your boss approaches and says, "You've been doing such a good job that I want you and a guest to go anywhere you like, starting now, for the long weekend. The company will pay for transportation, hotel and all food and beverages. Just be back on Tuesday, okay?"

Where would you go?



  1. Until recently I would have said L.A., but I just booked our flight for August. So now I'll say a beach somewhere FAR away. I think long weekends are perfect for beach trips if you can fly entire week always seems too much for me. I get restless.

  2. I'd say either Costa Rica or Oaxaca, Mexico. Neither are very far away, so you wouldn't waste a lot of travel time. Plus, you'd get a dose of culture and incredible beaches. Yes, please!

  3. The space station - that would be lovely - what's the highest spf you know of???

  4. Since I wouldn't want waste too much of the time travelling I would have husband and I get flown to the W Hotel in South Beach Miami for a weekend of luxury surroundings, gorgeous beach, crazy fun people watching and really good food.

  5. Toronto, never been. Cooler than nj.

  6. Somewhere where it isn't raining right now. :P

  7. Maybe Florida. Or Hawaii. That would be amazing. I'd bring my boyfriend with me.

    @MattP - I'm living in Toronto! It kind of makes me laugh that someone would choose to come here (well because I live here). But there are some great places around here! If you ever come up this way, I can tell you some exciting places to visit!


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