Saturday, May 21, 2011

Question of the Day #936

On Thursday, I noticed a full page ad in USA Today describing the end of the world. In case you haven't heard yet, that's happening today.

I'd like to say I fulfilled some last minute fantastical decadence, but I didn't. Yesterday, I overheard people in the supermarket joking about "End of the World Cocktails" and "End of the World Carbfests." And if I thought that Harold Camping, the man behind "The Rapture," was blessed with a molecule of sanity, perhaps I would have eaten every potato product ever conceived and washed them down with a keg of beer.

Clearly, I think the guy is nuttier than an almond grove. But I want to know - what do you think about the whole scenario? Does any part of you worry that this may be it?



  1. No worries, but I do think we should make this an annual event so we have a reason for debauchery.

  2. If the Bruins blow this game, the world indeed might just end.

  3. I didn't have a real worry, but at the same time it put the possible end - of the world, of my family, of me - on of my mind. I can't say that I indulged in the day, but I did take extra care to tell my daughters how very much I love them. You know, in case they were taken up in the Rapture without me.

  4. Not worried. But I ate a huge calzone just in case. :-)

  5. Not worried at all....Didn't effect me in the least.


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