Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Question of the Day #932

Every time I fly, it amazes me that people don't seem to realize that the seat in front of them is my seat. They slam the tray table. They kick my seat. When they get up to go to the bathroom, they grab the top of the seat, pulling my head into their lap.

Every slam, kick and pull wakes me up. It drives me crazy.

What's your biggest pet peeve about being up in the air?



  1. Those who don't have patience for people traveling with kids. It's often stressful and chaotic and parents are very aware of the stares and the whispers.

  2. Being trapped in a seat next to someone who didn't think it was important to shower and wear clean clothes before they travelled.

    I once held my breath on a flight to London. I couldn't move my seat because the flight was sold out. I took a LOT of walks up and down the aisles just to get away from the smell.

  3. Same SHIT - it really is unbelievable how uncourteous people can be - everywhere it seems. I usually dress warm, GET A WINDOW seat, blast the air vent thingy, wear sunglasses & have my ipod in...thinking of wearing a sign on the back of my cap, you know, a message to the asshole behind ya.
    safe travels kid!

  4. OMG I totally agree. Why can't people get out of their sets without pulling on mine?? The biggest pet peeve is the people who think they are the ONLY ones traveling today. Or the guy who thinks HE is the professional traveler, travels more than I do, and knows everything there is to know about traveling. Get in your seat and get where you need to get, and shut the hell up.

    Oh and the dramatic guy when the flight is delayed. It's like hey idiot no one here has EVER been on an ontime flight from Miami to Newark on a Friday - it has never in all of history happened. And if you're really the professional traveler you claim to be, you'd know that already.

    Thanks for letting me vent. :-)

  5. How about the person who talks through the entire flight and to a complete stranger and tells that poor person about his entire life. And you unfortunately can hear him too! Never shuts up!!
    OR this always happens to W. The seat in front of him reclines from the moment that person sits down. You then have exactly 3 inches left of "your space". We actually have asked the person nicely to please not go "all they way".
    Interesting responses to say the least.

  6. I think if a stranger tries to talk another stranger up too much. Being nice is fine, but most want to do their own thing.
    Also, when people have a backpack or something in the aisle and have no idea they are swinging it almost into others faces who are already sitting down.

  7. And now suddenly I don't mind the fact that I almost never fly.

  8. Totally with you on the seat thing. Also, those people who hog the armrest and encroach on my space. Oh, and the people who bring way too much luggage on board, and those who think the message about turning off their electronic devices doesn't apply to them...even when the flight assistants remind them.

    I have to fly on Monday. I hope I don't have to put up with any rude behavior. :S

  9. It drives me crazy when people bring huge bags on the plane. It's gotten so much worse now that it costs to check bags. But having everyone have to take down bags from the overhead compartment and then adjust their luggage takes so much time that getting off the plane takes forever.


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