Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Question of the Day #925

Would you rather be stuck for three hours on a broken elevator or a broken ski-lift?

PS - I'd choose the elevator. I don't get claustrophobic, but I do get seriously cold.


  1. Oh dear lord. If I HAD to choose, I guess I would choose a ski lift. A scenic view goes a long way. Well, that is assuming I have on a comfy ski jacket, ski pants, long underwear, 5 layers of socks, gloves...you get the picture.

  2. it all depends on the who are you are stuck with...

  3. I think I'd have to go with the elevator. The ski lift would get cold and swinging that high up for so long can be a little scary. The view would be nice, though. I'm not claustrophobic either so that seems a good choice. But then you have to wonder if the elevator will malfunction and drop suddeny. Scary too!

  4. Definitely a broken ski lift. I'd go NUTS in the elevator!!

  5. Elevator! I would not like to freeze to death.
    Not crazy about swinging around over a cold mountain.
    In an elevator I could hopefully.....????
    Hmmm. How high up is the elevator and is there air to breath and .... I need more info ;)
    and is there a shrink monitoring thes responses?

  6. I suffer from acrophobia, so I'd definitely prefer the elevator. Both would be dreadful though - here's hoping neither happen!

  7. Elevator. Nap time!!! Plus, I know the procedures they'd use if I had to be evacuated--and I do know what the top of an elevator is like to stand and ride on. Evacuation from a chair lift would terrify me.


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