Thursday, May 26, 2011

Question of the Day #941

Whew! This is tough week. A low tone. Grumpy. My left shoulder is all tensed up. A sure sign that my mind is bursting with bad.

How does your body react to your moods?



  1. dude - don't let ur mellon burst to bad - relax, deep breath, clear your mind and remember how good you actually have it - life is good;) no???

  2. Thanks for your comment :) Jordan is an amazing person!

  3. When I'm happy there's a spring in my step and my whole body feels light. And when I'm upset, my back tightens and sometimes the corner of my lip turns down (that tic has been going on for a few years).

  4. Tension in my muscles. Neck, shoulders, and crap, just obvious energetic weight I can feel myself carrying around in my whole body. But if I'm seriously moody, my attitude and communication style read ZERO PATIENCE. I either want to tell people off and cut them down, or just retreat into an inward suffering silence. Since I rarely lash out, it's more of a mental suffering. Good thing my moods don't last long...

  5. I get a pain in my shoulders and neck....


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