Thursday, May 5, 2011

Question of the Day #920

Last night, I lay next to my Robitussin and tissues, bag of jellybeans in hand and watched Eat, Pray, Love.

I've never read the book, because I tend to poopoo mass market phenomenons deemed to change women's lives. (Except for He's Just Not That Into You. I most certainly purchased that book and scribbled out every exercise in it. Therefore not only changing my life, but my then-boyfriend's, who was promptly dumped.) I never intended to watch that movie, but three days of chills, sweats and coughing while enduring that awful brain fuzz that comes along with cold medicine, left me with few other options than HBO.

So I got past the first act where I thought they did a poor job of introducing a catalyst and surrendered to Hollywood. Once I stopped picking it apart, certain lines kept stinging me. So much, that I finally began scribbling them down in my notebook.

“Ruin is a gift. Ruin is the road to transformation.”

“You don’t need a man. You need a champion.”

"Balance is not letting anyone love you less than you love yourself."

Then there was a joke about a man who went to a Catholic church every day and prayed and prayed to a statue “Please, please, please let me win the lottery.” Finally, the exasperated statue comes to life and says, “My son, please, please, please buy a ticket.”

Surprisingly, this mass market phenom had jabbed me personally, in my bruised spots.

What mass market success shocked you by hitting home?



  1. Those are cool quotes from the movie. But I've never seen it.
    I'm sure many popular movies have hit home, but my mind is a blank!!

  2. I'm not into the mass market stuff either. I usually see a movie a year after it's been out and no one is talking about it anymore.

    I hope you're feeling better!

  3. The movie was cute, and I totally love Julia Roberts so that was easy.

    The book I thought was brilliant in terms of ripping my heart out, making me cry like a baby at the beginning, making me laugh all the way thru, helping me realize a lot of things about myself and my life, and coming to terms with all sorts of things. Maybe the book was, for me, in the right place at the right time of my life. I don't know. I found it so relatable, so relavant, and I've read it multiple times. The movie was cute but not like the book.

    When it comes to mass marketing I am extremely pessimistic because I think marketing can't fool me (haha). Yet I have been won over by the much-hyped iPhone and iPad. I am in love. They are all they're cracked up to be and more.

  4. Have to say I HATED "Eat Pray Love" (the book). Elizabeth Gilbert came off as a whiney adolescent unable to drag herself out of the hole she'd dug for herself and instead trying to drag the rest of us into it. The movie was slightly better - at least the scenery was cool!

    As for mass market whatevers that have hit home -- I'm not sure I have any. Maybe I'm too much of an iconoclast?

  5. I didn't watch the movie, but I loved the book. Lots of quotable lines in there.

  6. Wow! All these comments, make me want to read AND watch "Eat Pray Love." I was really turned off by both, but this debate might make it more interesting ;)

  7. If my wife ever comes home with a copy of HE'S NOT THAT INTO YOU, do I need to worry????? Oh wait--I'm supposed to answer not ask.
    (and for the record, I'm not worried)

  8. I saw the movie, but never heard it - it was playing on a recent flight. Missed all of those wonderful quotes. I won't even mention the review where they talked about the book being "navel gazery". Okay, so I mentioned it after all.

    Buffy The Vampire Slayer (the movie, not the TV series which was very, very different)


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