Saturday, May 7, 2011

Question of the Day #922

Yesterday's post about The Perfect Summer inpspired this question.

Have you ever been diagnosed or prescribed something by a doctor and known in your heart that they were wrong? If so, what happened?



  1. My doctor told me I have high blood pressure the results of a blood test a couple years ago. He promptly prescribed me medication. Being a skeptic I did not buy the medication in fear that somehow it would do something bad to my body in the long run. What's worse is that he prescribed pills and not once talked about how I could change my lifestyles to naturally lower my blood pressure. That's the last time I went to see that doctor.

  2. Yes, my doctor told me not to worry, it was just allergies. I was hospitalized the next day with double pneumonia. Once I was released from the hospital, a week later, I changed doctors.

  3. I had a doctor tell me that the headaches, GT problems, insomnia, and shakes were from stress (which they were). Her prescription wasn't the obvious lower your stress, eat better, and exercise more. No, she told me I needed to PRAY more. If she weren't crazy hot I would have walked out the door. Instead I waited a week before finding a new doctor.

    PS - I found out later my wife's aunt went to the same doctor and was told she needed to pray more to lose weight. Haha!

  4. I was told I had ADD and given drugs for it when in college. Yeah, I'm good--WITHOUT meds! Maybe I do have ADD but--whoa! A bird just flew past my window and --does that plant need water--where was I?

    KIDDING! While I may be technically ADD, my coping mechanisms are pretty good to compensate. The drugs made my hair fall out, gave me depression and made me lose 15 pounds. Ugh. Coming OFF them was a better decision and I never went back to that doctor!


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