Saturday, May 14, 2011

Question of the Day #929

Since Blogger ate QOTD #927, it looks like I skipped a day of Questions. Which got me thinking about how for the last three years, I've written a question every day. And every day, fabulous bloggers answer it.

It's become a daily discipline. One of the few things, besides basic functions like eating and sleeping, that I do every single day. Most of the time I write the question in the morning. Other times, like today, life gets in the way, so I write my question later. But I always write my question.

Do you have a daily discipline? Something you do every day no matter what? If so, what is it?



  1. I make sure that everyday that I let love know that I don't take her for granted. Everyday that I have the opportunity to make love I let it be known that there is no other in my mind heart body and soul. I cherish Every inch of flesh that I am blessed to love for that day.I also pray that it is there for me the next day

  2. I work out or do something everyday for my health.

  3. The only thing I do every single day without fail (aside from the obvious washing my face, brushing my teeth, moisturizing) is check email 20+ times per day and text/email/surf internet on my iphone and ipad. I wish I could say I cook every single day, or I work out every single day but reality is that I miss some days.


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