Sunday, May 1, 2011

Question of the Day #916

Yesterday, for my birthday, TY brought me Hostess cupcakes. You know, the old school style. And he chose those, because on his birthday, H and I gave him a bakery cupcake that looked like a Hostess old school style cupcake.

He liked his cupcake. And I really liked mine too.

I think we started tradition.

What birthday traditions do you carry out?



  1. I'm up for just about anything on birthdays, but do not forget the cake. If there is nothing else to signify the day, there must be cake!

  2. Happy Birthday to you. Happy birthday to you Happy birthday dear ........ Happy birthday to you ;)
    Sung into the phone as early in their b-day day as you would dare for the birthday person.
    Sometimes there is harmony or not.
    But always heart felt.
    Special K get ready!!!!

  3. I like that there is only 3 of them left for the photo - umm good!

  4. Birthday traditions - I always go on a trip the day after Thanksgiving for my bday. This year will be no different (although maybe not as far as usual)! :-)

  5. It was your B.D. yesterday? Happy birthday, Suzanne!!!

    Not really any traditions, although my mom does call me every year to sing to me. : )


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