Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Question of the Day #939

Last night, mid-flight, I got up to use the lavatory. I pushed on the door and it folded in and slid aside to reveal a man relieving himself.

"Oh my god!" I said and spun around to face two female flight attendants in the galley.

The three of us howled with laughter. People turned in their seats to see what the ruckus was about.

After a few moments, the man came out red-faced.

"I'm so sorry," we said at the same time. Then he made his way down the aisle.

What mid-flight mishaps have you experienced?



  1. Once flew from NYC to Cairo next to a man masturbating much of the trip. Ew. And I was only 18.

  2. I had a flight attendent drop a pitcher of ice water and soak my sweater. I was landing in Denver in winter, too.
    And on a trip to Prague, I was seated next to a Russian who was so large he took up all his space and then some. To add to the discomfort, he couldn't sit still. At all. Ever.

  3. Green Girl: was that back in 1993, Air Egypt, seat 12B...yea, sorry about that.....

  4. Ha ha! A flight attendant spilled a full Coke on my husband once.
    And on another a drunk guy fell asleep with his head on my shoulder and we thought the lady next to my hubs was a prostitute!


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