Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Question of the Day #826

Years ago, when H, T and I decided that the ultimate escape plan would be to run off to Hawaii and run a shrimp truck, we had no idea that the idea could actually be a good one.

LA is in the middle of a food truck craze.

On Saturday night, a line crawled from one end of the street to the other. Not for the bar at which I was meeting friends but for the Grilled Cheese truck parked outside of it.

The Grilled Cheese Truck is one of the top food trucks in the city. The Sweets Truck, The Nom Nom Truck, The Flying Pig and Baby's Badass Burgers also rank high.

Food Truck fans can go online and find out where their favorite foods will be that night and then show up in that location for delicious eats.

If you were to seek out a food truck, what would you want it serve?



  1. In Hawaii, we had the BEST garlic shrimp in the world from a food truck. The scenery on the beach wasn't bad either ;)

  2. Right now, I'd want to come across a chili truck. It's freezing here!

  3. The Sweet Potato Truck!
    mmmmm...sweet potato poutine *drool*

  4. Pan fried fish and plantain. Pasteles would be nice too. And maybe a good big helping of Puerto Rican beans and rice.

  5. There is a cuban food truck in nyc about 180 and broadway. Yum.

  6. Hot Pretzel, Brat, Mongo size Corn on the Cob - with all that shizz on the side - and a 16oz can of Miller High Life to wash it down.

  7. Grilled Cheese truck? Seriously, I gotta move!

  8. Austin has a HUGE market for delicious food trailers and they are all over the city. Gourdoughs (gourmet donuts with a pun on the word "gordo" meaning fat in spanish) is one. We have vietnamese food, designer tacos, vegan food, high-end chef prepared trailers, cupcakes, cakeballs, and the list goes on and on...THe sky's the limit!

    We had our first Austin food trailer festival and it was a huge hit! Austin is rad. Deliciously rad.

  9. Egg rolls -- big, greasy ones.

    But seriously, right now if I saw a low-carb food truck, I'd probably hijack it. ;)


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