Friday, February 4, 2011

Question of the Day #829

For all you people staring at the second hand of your office clock on this Friday, here's a little fantasy fun for you. The scenario:

You're a musician. You play the instrument of your choice. You are in a band with three other musicians.

What instrument do you play? Who are your Fantasy Band members and what do they play?



  1. I'm not very musical, so even as a fantasy, it's tough to answer this question. I'd definitely play drums, though. And we'd probably be a trio, not a quartet. Maybe my friend Elizabeth on guitar and my friend Pat on keyboards?

  2. I'm definitely the hot singer (since I'm neither hot nor a singer) and Ian Somerhalder is my drummer, who rarely wears a shirt and secretly has a crush on me, even though I'm married to Cam Giganet, our guitarist. Sometimes, Stephen Tyler backs me up on vocals, because man can that guy sing (and perform).

  3. I'm actually a world renowned opera singer (mezzo soprano). Orchestras from all over the world beg me to come and sing on their stage.

  4. Hmm...that's a tough one. I've always wanted to play conga drums, but I have to have Yo Yo Ma on cello. That seems like a pretty weird combination.

  5. Oh. Yo Yo Ma is awesome! Remember his album with Bobby McFerrin? 2 different types of musicians and it worked!

    My instrument would be an electric guitar or electric violin. Fantasy band members? Jon Bon Jovi, Jason Mraz and Christina Aguilera. Eclectic mix, but I bet with the range of voice and personality, this could work. Right?

  6. Drummer, manager of a band. I pursued that dream, worked at record labels, but the jobs were low pay and I found the work less fun over time.


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