Sunday, February 20, 2011

Question of the Day #845

Today, D took me on a field trip to a Korean Market. It was fascinating. Produce I've never seen before nestled between mountains of bok choy and sliced scallions. Whole monkfish stared angrily at me while I sympathized with live crabs clawing at their last moments.

An entire aisle was dedicated to rice.

"It's like our cereal aisle," D said.

He was right. Bag after bag of rice crowded the shelves.

Next we perused the seaweed aisle.

"How would you know which one to get?" I asked.

"No idea," D said. "When I made sushi, I just picked one."

I stared at spices, sauces, pastes and kimchee. I wanted to buy it all.

"Good thing we ate before we came here," I said.

D laughed.

"Yeah. Today we were just tourists," he said.

What other culture's marketplace have you had the opportunity to enjoy?



  1. The only ones I've had to opportunity to enjoy are the markets in the Caribbean, smelling of spices, produce, and fresh fish. A lot of times there are pots of cooked food too. Yum.

  2. I discovered Super H Mart not too far from where I live and I love it! It's a big Asian supermarket with amazing produce. It's fun trying out new things like Dragon fruit and fresh lychee with my daughter. The prices are great (watermelon for $.99) and I can get things like seaweed and sea salt for a 3rd of the price than major supermarket chains.

  3. Not much, other than a few trips to Chinatown, but my daughter saw a lot when she went to Indonesia.

  4. The souks in several Near and Middle Eastern countries, as well as markets in several European countries.

  5. The Caribbean islands have wonderful outdoor markets. The fish stalls in St Vincent leap to my mind. The market in Bejing was something that assualted all of my senses, from the live caged ducks,rabbits, chickens to the meat area that had every part of every animal for sale.
    The dried market there had foot long dried mulipedes wrapped in bundles, bat wings etc.. Many different kinds of dried insects along with organs of all kinds including penises,brains you name it.
    In Tanzania we visited a large but relatively "tame" market, very colorful with fruits and wares.

  6. Egypt's. It was straight out of an Indiana Jones movie!


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