Saturday, February 26, 2011

Question of the Day #851

Last night, N and I went to L'Ermitage Hotel in Beverly Hills for dinner and drinks. We sat in a luxurious bar area admiring all the beautiful people around us when a man approached a grand piano.

The clatter of the room hushed. The beautiful people stared as ELEW, the rockjazz pianist in the video above posed in front the keys.

The music roared, rumbled and twinkled. He played the strings inside the piano along with the keys. It was unlike anything I'd ever heard.

How have you been surprised by music?



  1. Wow! What a treat for you to hear/see him live. Does he "sit" like that the whole time? As for surprised by music...lots of times. Hearing my cousin play sax, getting teary listening to a good church choir. And when I saw George Harrison in concert I was totally surprised by the scream that came out of my throat when he opened with While My Guitar Gently Weeps.

  2. Wow. Man has some kinda thigh muscle along with a mean piano. I love stumbling on music-- someone with talent playing on a street corner will stop me. One day I was taking a walk and a man was sitting on a porch playing a sax. I had to stop then, too.

  3. You lucky girl to have seen that live. I got goosebumps watching and listening. Thanks for sharing! :)

    Recently a friend posted Tinashé: Mbira version of "Zambezi". Totally blew me away just by the simplicity and loveliness of it. It's on YouTube if you want to check it out.

  4. My talented 11 yr old daughter surprises me every day. She harmonizes with me, picks up new songs in an instant, and basically blows my mind every time she sings. We've started listening to Rent, and man, the stuff she's singing is something special.

  5. There's nothing like seeing something like that live. I'm regularly wowed by some of the talent on American Idol. It's amazing what the human voice can do.


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