Friday, February 25, 2011

Question of the day #850

The coldest storm front in almost 30 years is making its way down the west coast from Alaska. Snow is predicted in the Bay Area and newsmakers have made a big to do about the possibility of snow in LA.

Until then, let it rain.

In honor of this big storm, would you like to partake in the Rainy Day poll (on the left)?



  1. I had to pick three of your rainy day activities, because I actually do them.
    Bundle up!

  2. One of the best rainy days I ever had: it's cold and nasty outside and rain is pelting the skylight above me. I build a fire, snuggle under my blankie, listen to Mozart and read a novel.

  3. I vote for both movies and books. : )

  4. Rain out here in LA LA land is quite boring. I prefer the bad ass thunder storms with lightning...I usually do what ever I had planned when it rains, if not I adjust on the run - never a "go to" activity.

  5. We lost the power one day last weekend. I took a book out onto the porch and read until the lights came back on.

  6. Soup, books, movies--good! Walks in the rain--eeh--not a big fan.

  7. I love listening to the rain. We don't see much of that this time of year, though. LOL! I miss hearing it on the roof of our old patioroom. It was metal and made a horrible racket. Loved it!

    Good luck with the storm! We've been in a cold spell for a few days now.

  8. Reading a book or writing or watching movies are all good. :)

    Also, I'm your 100th follower. Huzzah. Congrats to you on the milestone.


  9. Like Tricia I had to pick three. didn't list my fav thing to do on a cold rainy day...BAKE!

  10. Just stay indoors and keep dry! We get heavy thunderstorms, with lightning zapping off electricity supply.


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