Saturday, February 5, 2011

Question of the Day #830

I'm posting late today because I met up with friends for breakfast at Du-par's. It took me about a half hour to get there, but the food was delicious and, of course, the company was amazing.

On the way home, I got stuck in Hollywood gridlock. At noon on a Saturday. "Seriously?" I thought, as I cut off the main boulevards and zigzagged through the hills to get to the freeway. My half hour drive there became a 50 minute drive home.

It can be a serious pain to go to Hollywood. But I won't hesitate to have breakfast at Du-par's. Just like I make the trip to get my toes done at the same place I've gone to for the last 16 years. The girls are so great and the prices are so good, it's totally worth the drive.

What place is so good that you will you go out of your way to visit it?



  1. La Placita, a mexican restaurant down in Tijuana 20 miles south of where I live. If you can avoid cops shaking you down, the bullets, beheadings, and acid baths it has the best fresh chips and salsa and fried beer battered mushrooms around.

  2. The sights and sounds of ballgame or my kids faces lighting up when we go to certain spots in nyc.

  3. A sugar bush. It's a farther drive in the middle of nowhere than other local sugar bushes...but well worth the trip. It doesn't hurt that there is a cheese shop on the way too. ;)

    Also, my hair stylist, and doctor are both so awesome that I still drive back into the city for appointments with them.


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