Thursday, February 10, 2011

Question of the Day #835

Last night was wonderful.

It started with champagne, followed by warm mixed nuts, a garden salad and a smoked salmon and asparagus roll. Dinner was chicken and gravy, mashed potatoes and green beans. Then I enjoyed a hot fudge sundae as I snuggled under a warm blanket in my reclining seat (with footrest and all) and watched The Town on my own personal entertainment center. Near the end of the film, I was given a warm chocolate chip cookie with milk.

It was the perfect evening. On a plane.

When have you experienced over the top luxury?



  1. Either never or too long ago to remember.

  2. Nice!
    I feel all fancy when it's formal night on a cruise. And you can eat all you want so it's like, yes I'll take some more crab legs and champagne! :)

  3. Ooooh, that sounds better than any flight I've been on. Were you in first class?

  4. My 30th birthday last year was luxurious, beautiful, and filled with love. Gorgeous beaches, massage, multi-course dinner, incredible drinks, and the magic of a newfound love. I'll always treasure that day for it's richness across so many levels.

  5. ooh nice. I hope my flight tomorrow is just as good!

  6. Yes! Once! and I have been saving my miles to indulge again! This time on a longer flight!!
    Went too fast the first time ;)

  7. Sounds lovely!
    Over the top luxury to me is probably quite a bit different than for somebody else. I can think of a few occasions where I felt truly spoiled.

    Free sightseeing tour and lunch at the Plaza Hotel in NY.
    Being a preferred guest at a local Aveda spa.
    Having a personal driver while in London UK.

  8. Staying at the Bellagio in Las Vegas was an amazing luxury. Just walking in made me feel like a millionaire. We lucked out though with a bargain rate better than most Sheratons I've frequented, making the luxury even better by my accounting.


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