Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Question of the Day #629

After yesterday's sad, zero of a question, Kristen, one of my fave QOTD commenters, emailed me with question ideas. Love it! No brain racking for me this morning! Here's some of her genius:

What are 10 inventions you'd like to thank God (or the Universe or whoever it is that you give thanks to) for?

A few of her examples, which I completely agree with, are high heels, Chapstick and wine. I'd like to add computers (can you imagine writing a manuscript longhand?), books, airplanes, cars, BBQs/grills, metal handled calphalon pans and sunblock to the list.

What about you? What inventions are you crazy thankful for?


BTW - If you have question ideas, feel free to insert them in the comments or email me. I can always use a little help from my friends.


  1. I am crazy thankful for the invention of the cell phone (how sad is that?) and the computer, because honestly, that handwriting a whole MS idea is ridonkulous. I have a writer callous from last night's journal entry!

  2. In no particular order:
    1) iPhones, computers, cell phones, texting, and Facebook
    2) Chapstick
    3) High heels (the higher the better)
    4) Wine
    5) Caffeine
    6) Beaches & getting tan
    7) Bunnies
    8) The elastic waistband
    9) Sleep
    10) Spas & massages

  3. Also...

    Flip Flops

    And I'm super thankful for those days that you just absolutely love life and are so happy and realize how lucky you are.

  4. Kristen, oh Genius, who came up with this fabulous question - are we talking inventions here? Because beaches, smiling, laughing and sleep are not exactly inventions, are they?

    Or are we just listing what we're thankful for? Either way is cool with me. ; )

    And I love your happy enthusiasm.

  5. Inventions. SOMEONE invented the beach (God?).
    OK I'll stick with inventions going forward. High heels count!! Ha ha!

  6. In no particular order:
    1) Light bulb/energy transmission
    2) Heating/cooling/ventillation technologies
    3) Film
    4) The printing press
    5) Penicillin
    6) DNA technology
    7) IVF
    8) Computers
    9) Internet
    10) MP3 technology

  7. Mine are in no particular order as well...

    1. Epidurals
    2. air conditioning
    3. cell phone
    4. cameras
    5. cup holders (specifcally the ones that attach to my strollers
    6. airplanes
    7. pillows
    8. bubbles (both the bath & blowing variety)
    9. fingerpaints (this one occasionally goes on the list of things that I wish were never created but my daughter loves to paint so this one is for her)
    10. popsicles

    I could go on and on. I'm so thankful for my life and the many blessings I have.

  8. Just an iPhone, because an iPhone incorporates everything else- I bet there is an app for everything on all these lists!

  9. the wheel, writing, the jig saw (all saws), the space shuttle, sliced bread, windmills, compass, plumbing, electricity, combustible engine, hubble telescope, radio, TV, The Mustang (WWII plane that kicked ass), doggie poop bags that attach to the leash - and many more items, like physics and stuff...oh yeah, Captain Morgan Rum, mmmmm good!

  10. You gals are all too young to know that the ALL TIME GREATEST INVENTION is---panty hose!!! If you grew up with garter belts and nylons, especially those with seams that were supposed to go straight up the middle back of your legs, you'd know what to be thankful for! P.S. we even wore girdles, and I sure don't know why, 'cause that's when I had a FLAT stomach.


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