Saturday, July 17, 2010

Question of the Day #618

While shopping for an air conditioner with my parents today (I know, Jersey is very exciting, right?) we drove by an appliance store called UNEEDA.

Like UNEEDA dishwasher? UNEEDA a refrigerator? UNEEDA a microwave?

For the last hour I've been glancing sideways at my mom and my stepfather saying, "UNEEDA glass of water? UNEEDA sandwich?"

The giggles continue over that snappy store name. So the question is, what store's name entertains you?



  1. Tequilla Mockingbird makes me giggle!

  2. That is funny!
    Sofa King! Sofa King awesome! (from snl) ;)

  3. the sunglasses hut. it's not a hut. it's a regular store like everything else. maybe it irritates me more than entertains me:)

  4. Bunghole Liquors near Salem Massachusetts. :)

  5. Uneeda bunghole?
    What does that mean?
    Actually I had a conversation with one of my nephews today. Store signs can be very! entertaining! He had comic reviews for many of them and had us in stitches :)
    Uneeda store name?

  6. That's a fun name! I can't think of one offhand myself, but there is a place here called Snappy's Sport Senter. Not sure why they decided to spell it that way, but it's been here forever.


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