Friday, July 2, 2010

Question of the Day #603

Yesterday, I drove 40 miles east, with the top down, towards the desert until my car's thermometer read 91 degrees. I pulled into a Starbucks, made a few phone calls and broiled in the heat.

It was awesome.

As you know, I've been craving sunshine and heat and yesterday I went to extremes to get it.

What have you gone to extremes to get?



  1. Um, I haven't. I can't stand extreme temperatures in either direction. We hit 80F and I'm melting . . . not to mention whining. ;)

  2. been craving comfort. been flipping through magazines looking at all the stuff i can't afford:) someday...

  3. My husband...but that is a whole other story :-0

  4. Hehe -- we just got back from Palm Desert last night and I've been running around in a sweater today because it's 30 degrees cooler here at home!

  5. You shouldn't ask such personal questions . . .

  6. Ha! You should have come to visit me! I'm craving the ocean cool.

  7. Right now it would be Chinese food. I haven't had goo Chinese food since leaving CA. But I'll probably drive an hour to get some huckleberry apple butter soon. I only know of one place that sells it.


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