Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Question of the Day #615

My friends, K & M, have been kind enough to lend me their car while I'm visiting family. I got into their mini cooper last night, wondering how it would feel to drive a manual stick shift again. I slid it into first, rolled out of the driveway and then hit the road. Curvy, woodsy roads have never been so fun to drive!

After driving a manual car for the last four years, driving a stick shift was just like riding a bike. Two seconds and I was back in the saddle.

What activity have you found totally easy to do even after a long break from it?



  1. K&M are fabulous friends!!

    Skiing was "like riding a bike." After an 18 year hiatus it was sooooo easy to pick back up.

  2. I went back to a stick shift about 10 years ago and found it pretty easy to adjust, as well. I still love it most of the time, but not in stop-and-go freeway traffic. That just sucks. :(

  3. Ack! You make me miss my sports car. Sigh. The downside of settling down - two dogs, one stepchild and a 6'5" husband do not fit in the back seat of a Toyota Celica ;-(

  4. Holding a newborn/ changing a diaper. (First grandchild was born May 25th).

  5. Great feeling Jim! I totally get that one and Congratulations!
    It IS amazing that abilites of the past somehow stay in the brain :)
    A few seconds and all is good.

  6. I never learned to drive a stick shift. Sad, huh? As far as activities that I've been able to pick up again after a long time, well, the only thing that comes to mind is eating. After a good long diet, I have no problem remembering how to eat again! :)


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