Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Question of the Day #621

My friend, Ara, entered a first line contest in which she submitted the totally awesome first line of her WIP. After sifting through many rounds of eliminations and asking entrants to add a line or two here and there, the agent picked 10 final entries. All of the openers are grabbers.

As I read them, I thought about how it cool it was that she entered the contest. I've never entered a writing contest (unless you consider applying for a grant a contest).

But recently I began entering other contests, like online sweepstakes. I also repeatedly fill out supermarket surveys for a chance to win a $100 gift card. And if I read about a contest on the Daily Candy, I'll take a shot at that too.

I figure if I don't enter, I can't win, right?

How about you? Do you enter contests? If so, what type?

P.S. - Good luck to Ara!


  1. I remember Ara's entry in the contest. It has such voice. Adventures in Childrens Writing is a great blog. Also quality writing contests on Miss Snark's First Victim.

  2. Ara rocks! :-) Good luck!!

    I don't play the lottery or gamble at all. But I do enter online sweepstakes like this morning I entered West Elm's contest to win a $2500 bed makeover. Who couldn't use $2500 worth of new beautiful bed linens? And I enter food contests too; I've even won twice for my carrot cake and key lime pie.

  3. Good luck Ara!! I enjoyed reading all of the entries...and was left wanting to read more!

    I guess contests can take many forms. In the past I have been nominated for sports awards and career-related contests which I'm cool with. I've also entered contests for charities.

    I don't however, enter product contests as I believe they are marketing and data gathering ploys. I don't play lotteries or gamble either because I see those as voluntary taxes.

  4. Brilliant insights, Simply V. I agree about lotteries & gambling - they are "voluntary taxes." I've never been able to explain my feelings on them so eloquently though. :-)

  5. Aw, thanks, Suzanne!!! Thanks, Tricia! Thanks, Kristen! Thanks, V! Summer vacation's been kicking my butt lately, so your kind words and encouragement are totally appreciated. : )

  6. Every now and then I do. I just entered one for Sizzler by doing a survey.


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