Saturday, July 24, 2010

Question of the Day #625

The other day, Lisa D's little one sang, "I kicked a girl and I liked it. To take her cherry chapstick."

(If you're not familiar with the song, the actual lyrics are "I kissed a girl and I liked it. The taste of her cherry chapstick.")

That made me giggle and think of my friend K.D. who, in sixth grade, went through a phase of mangling song lyrics.

She thought Wham's "Wake Me Up Before You Go Go" was "Wake me up in Nova Scotia." When Lionel Richie's 80's classic "Oh, What a Feeling" came on the radio, she sang, "Oh, what a feeling when you're dancing in New Zealand."

Then there was "Hold me closer Tony Danza." And remember The Go Go's "Our Lips Are Sealed"? She thought that was a song about a girl named "Honest Cecile."

I could go on forever. But I won't.

What song lyrics have you or someone you know gotten totally wrong?



  1. Oh, so many, but the ones that stick out are:
    Men at Work, Down Under: "he just smiled and gave me a bite of my sandwich." I could never figure out why someone would give me a bite of my own sandwich...never having heard of a Vegemite sandwich.

    Also, Till Tuesday's Voices first I thought it was Voices Scary. :D

    A family friend also thought that when Alan Parsons project sang "I can read your mind," that it was "Eye come E come I".

  2. My favorite is My Prerogative: Instead of Ego Trips are not my thing- "Eagle Chips are not my thing!"

  3. Secret Asian man; secret Asian man; They've given you a number; And taken 'way your name. (in case you don't know the song--it's secret agent man, but even knowing what it is I swear it sounds more like "Asian" than "agent".

  4. I make up my own lyrics all the time for fun.
    But I have sang the wrong ones by accident many times I'm sure. Most recently: Dragula by Rob Zombie comes to mind....I thought they were saying "I'll take you there" instead of "Dragula". My son and I also had to look up Papa Roach's "Last Resort" lyrics to determine whether he sang "Chances are dynomite" or "Chances are that I might." (it's the latter)
    I knew someone who thought the Star Spangled Banner started, "Jose, can you see?" I'm NOT kidding!!

  5. Alicia Keyes 'No one' came on the radio the other day and I realised I've been singing the wrong lyrics all along. THey're so engraved in me now that I probably will still keep singing them that way.

  6. You know that song "Gives You Hell?" My friend's 5 year old daughter thought it was "Gives You HELP."

    There's the classic "No Woman No Cry" / "No Woman No Pride" mixup.


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