Monday, July 19, 2010

Question of the Day #620

While visiting my friends K & M the other night, their little girl, O, hung onto her mommy's legs and looked up at me with big brown eyes.

"Can you say hello to Sue?" K asked.

O hid behind K's leg.

"Oh c'mon," K said.

"Hi O," I cooed.

"Hi Zoo," O replied.

Zoo. Is that the cutest nickname ever?

What adorable nickname has a kid given you?



  1. OMG way too cute!!! Zoo!

    My little niece calls me "Paul" since she can't say my name yet but she knows that I go with Paul. She also calls bunnies Paul because she associates bunnies with Paul & me. Gosh do I love that little niece of mine.

  2. Love Zoo :-)
    My youngest cousin used to call me DoDo. And my older cousins used to call my mom (Denise) Aunty Sneeze.

  3. Awwww Zoo is too cute! I was always Wea hahahaha. Little kids can't say my name ever.

  4. That is cute! My parents and sister called me Smel short for Smelly which rhymes with Kelly. Not so cute, but actually I never minded it too much!
    My daughter's name is Emily and my youngest called her Maui when he was littler so we occasionally still call her that.

  5. Okay, it isn't a name a kid gave me, but it came to mind as I read your question and that's how I decide when to participate so...

    I helped at Girl Scout camp last week, even though I was annoyed with how disorganized the camp had been with my daughter's counselor position and a number of other things. Plus it was hot. So when I had to choose a "camp name" I went with Snark. Only the adults and teens got it, the kids had no clue - but it give a tiny voice to my rebellion.

  6. Aw! My neighbor girl calls me "Eesha" which is her version of "Melissa."

  7. My daughter calls my sister Sarah, "Rah Rah".

  8. I love Zoo! Too cute. I've never really had a nickname from a child, other than "ee-na", but it was only temporary.


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