Monday, November 23, 2009

Question of the Day #383

Sunday has always been my favorite day of the week.

Yesterday, we had Sunday Funday and enjoyed grilled steak, sausages and veggies and of course, the sunset. H says I'm obsessed with sunsets. I think she's right. When I lived in Hollywood, I'd grab a buddy and drive out to the beach for the sunset quite often. There's nothing like pink sky over Pacific blue.

So, clearly, I go crazy for sunsets. What part of nature do you go ga-ga for?



  1. I, too, go ga-ga for sunsets. Lately though, I swoon over the moon. Where I live, it seems to regularly jump out at me with some new and astounding graceful beauty. How lucky are we that something so simple can give us such instantaneous joy?

  2. Wow. Nature period makes me go gaga. I've always been obsessed!!! I took a few sunset photos from Utah. Our sunsets are AMAZING during the stormy months!! I'll have to post them on my blog for you to see [just in case you think I'm a liar hahaha].

  3. Beaches. Sunny warm beaches.

  4. The ocean. But sunsets are awesome, too!!!

  5. I love a good thunderstorm. If you have to reinforce the cabinets to make sure the big booms dont shake the dishes out on to the floor then you know it's a good one.

  6. EVERTHING! Seriously -- wildlife, sunsets, clouds, rainbows, dead trees, flowers, you name it.


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