Thursday, November 12, 2009

Question of the Day #372

We've mused about the Law of Attraction before. About envisioning something you want and actually manifesting it. It's clear that people can achieve positive results via positive thinking and hard work.

But what about the Law of Attraction that you don't realize you're attracting? Subconscious stuff. Like subconsciously sending out negative vibes so all you get back are negative events. Or consciously attempting to create relationships with seemingly healthy, happy people but then ending up in the same ol' situation.

Most of us are probably pretty self aware. We're smart enough to recognize our faults and try to break unhealthy patterns. But what if those patterns are unavoidable? What if we keep trying different strategies and consistently end up with the same results due to some crazy vibes we don't even know we're sending out?

Do you think that's even possible? What do you make of this crazy post?



  1. Yeah we all have our own aura and energy that was given to us - nature over nurture. I think nature gives you X and with nurture you can only change so much... that's what makes us all different and wonderful in our own ways.

    Very deep question. :-)

  2. Wow very deep. I believe in Law of Attraction, so then subconsciously sending out negative vibes getting negative events back, makes sense. But I’m not sure if I believe it. Certainly, bad patterns can result in negative events. I think that Law of Attraction and patterns are two different things. I think that patterns are just ways we've figured out how to cope with certain challenging situations. Something we developed, not something we attracted. I don't think that patterns are unavoidable, but they are extremely hard to break. Self-awareness is sometimes not enough. It seems that different strategies work at dodging a pattern, not necessarily breaking a pattern. I'm not sure how to break them though, but it this does make me think of a "Seinfeld" episode where George decides that every instinct he ever had his whole life was wrong so he decides to do the opposite. That’s when he gets an apartment, a girlfriend, and a job with the Yankees. Funny and ridiculous, and I think about it a lot. I can’t believe that I’m seriously considering taking advice from a “Seinfeld” episode.

  3. Great question and great answers! The only thing I can add is, I sometimes ask myself if I'm attracting the wrong things or if I'm closing myself off from the right things.

  4. Ooooo that's a really good one Lisa D.

  5. I do think that positive thinking helps. I really do. But hmmmm, subconscious've got me thinking now.

  6. Interesting! I've been wondering this same thing lately. You hear advice on changing your way of thinking, but how do you go about changing your subconscious thoughts? If you're saying the right things but not really believing them, it doesn't seem to work.

  7. Suz, I totally share your confusion. I guess when I'm feeling uncertain (both in the moment and on those larger life pattern issues), I try to get myself back to center by releasing all preconceived notions I have about ANYTHING and just really BE. Observe the breath and observe the moment, knowing that so much of Life is beyond my realm of complete understanding or control. This idea of pure, present, Awareness is what Eckhart Tolle, Buddists, Yogis, etc are all hopped up on.

    But I really feel it's an invaluable tool, this idea of linking ourselves back to our Highest Self, even if it's just for the moment. In the present moment, if we can put away all the toxic ramblings of the mind, we realize that we are perfectly fine and our True Identity is beyond any label, any achievement, and pattern we play out.

    I find that to be a freeing thought. And from what I know, the best way to get in touch with those deeper sides of yourself are meditative practices.

  8. I love your "crazy" posts. They are so thought provoking. Hmmm, (I'm thinking) I feel that patterns that are negative And recognised can be changed or at least modified. I think our expectations are or have been manipulated by the "cool" people. (through media etc.) So our pillars of life have been fuzzied by "cool" "with it" ( sorry I am so out of the box here, I don't know any other hip phrases!)
    So real pillars are not upfront and personel.
    So where does that leave us? In lives that are separate from our core familes, out on our own, How do we keep our balance? Of what we know for sure and what we think we know or are trying to learn. Big question. I say go with your heart And mind. Use them together. The present slips quickly into the future. So the decision needs to be strong for the long haul. Not boring or tedious, BUT filled with promise.
    Hmmmm??? waddaya think?


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