Saturday, November 7, 2009

Question of the Day #367

On Saturday afternoons at the pub, Boston College fans usually come in to root for their hometeam. But today, Boston College is not playing.

So, P, my Saturday bartender buddy, and I decided to host a Saturday afternoon dance party. He's got mad jukebox skills and we've got a bar and a kitchen. So why not?

How are you going to shake things up today?



  1. Steve and I are trying to shake off our slight hangovers from our date last night. : )

  2. Lucy & I got up at 5:45 this morning to head to downtown Atlanta to join thousands of others in the American Heart Association's Heart Walk. Didn't necessarily 'shake things up' but more like 'moved and grooved' through the streets of ATL. What a beautiful day for a walk! Have a fun dance party & play "Shake Your Groove Thing" for me!!

  3. I'm up in Truckee on the north side of Tahoe hiking...Nice day with my 5 year old...

  4. Yesterday was my son's 10th birthday, so we just did the family thing at home with him. I hope your dance party went well.

  5. Nothin' shakin' today too!taking a rest from the big walkathon where 32 NGOs took part yesterday. That was truly uplifting.


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