Monday, November 9, 2009

Question of the Day #369

When I flipped through the mail this morning, I spotted an envelope with my friend Patty's return address on it. It had been forwarded from my old address, which shows you how often we talk.

That's not a bad thing, just the truth.

Inside was an article she cut out of The New Yorker about teen fiction, along with a note, saying she thought I might find it interesting.

How cool is that? I probably haven't seen her since last winter, even though she lives in Burbank. We rarely email and never chat on the phone, yet after the reading the article, and thinking of me, she cut it out, put it in an envelope and mailed it to me.

Sure, we often think of things we should do, like calling someone when something reminds you of them, or sending thank you cards or a thinking of you card, but how often do we actually do it?

And when was the last time someone surprised you with a random kind gesture like that? How did it make you feel?



  1. Last Friday my coworker left a peach iced tea on my desk because he knows I like tea. It makes me feel cared for and loved. It's so cliche to say that the littlest gestures often have the biggest impact, but I think it proves itself to be true.

  2. That was nice of her!
    My daughter sometimes leaves little notes on my pillow that say I love you or a picture. It really does make me smile.
    Before I left on my five day trip, I left little notes on my three kids pillows. Then my littlest guy warmed my heart when I found that he has been sleeping with it under his pillow since then!

  3. Oh, I have a good one. My daughter was doing an audition for a Girl Scout talent show, and she was supposed to come in what she'd wear. Well, she was singing a song as Belle and I'd planned to get a costume together for that, but didn't have the chance since I had to leave town to help my mom after her surgery. I planned to have my husband explain the situation at the event, but the mom that she went home from school with that day (the mom of her friend) realized she had part of something that would work and put together the whole costume for her before the audition. I was really touched by that - so above and beyond. So very nice.

  4. Love those random acts of kindness. They always warm me inside :)

  5. I love those surprising kind acts too! My daughter just sent some of her Halloween candy to her cousin serving in Afghanistan. Totally her idea!

  6. Someone left a bottle of wine in my mailbox for Halloween and I still don't know who it was. What a FABulous surprise!! Makes me want to perform a random act of kindness!

  7. Last Christmas a friend (one I only know online) sent me some Trader Joe's chocolate covered liqueur cherries. She knew I moved to a state with no TJs and surprised me with them. Friends like that are awesome.

  8. What a great friend ... that is so cool. Makes you feel so good that they know you and are thinking of you!


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